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Carpet care

There is nothing like the look and feel of a newly laid carpet, especially when it is the finishing touch to a recently decorated room.

Regularly vacuuming your carpet to remove abrasive particles which can damage the pile, as well as every day dirt, will help prolong this look for many years.

At Pownall we recommend that you vacuum your carpet every day using an upright suction rotary vacuum cleaner for most carpet types. For loop pile carpets we would recommend that you use a cylinder vacuum cleaner to prevent fuzzing of the pile.

Outside dirt

Most of the dirt which a carpet is subjected to is walked in from the outside and it is important to control this with mats to form a barrier. This barrier should ideally cover 9 to 12 steps to ensure that lose dirt particles have been walked off the footwear.

Stain protection

Some Pownall ranges have been treated with stain protection at the point of manufacture. This forms an invisible protective shield over the carpet and helps to protect against soiling and spills.


All carpets are subjected to fading if exposed to high light intensities. At Pownall we use the very best in dye materials which have been especially selected and tested to ensure that the problem is minimised. Where constant light cannot be avoided the use of sun blinds or curtains is recommended.


The feet of furniture will create indentations on any carpet. Wherever possible, move the position of furniture periodically to reduce indentation damage. We recommend that caster mats are used under furniture where appropriate.